About the Beth-Ezra Trust

Beth Ezra is the trading name of the Beth-Ezra Trust, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. The Beth-Ezra Trust owns the Beth Ezra Care Home for the elderly, delegating operational management to the appointed Home Manager.

The Trustees of the charity are responsible for ensuring that the home is financially sound and provides a consistently high standard of care, complying with all relevant legislation while keeping costs and charges to a minimum. They contribute a wide range of technical and professional knowledge and experience for the benefit of Beth Ezra, as well as practical help and support for residents.

If you wish to contact the Beth-Ezra Trust, please write to the Registered Office, which is also the address of the Beth Ezra Care Home.

  • Company Registration Number: 1600026
  • Charity Registration Number: 326000
  • Registered Office: 52 Smitham Bottom Lane, Purley, Surrey CR8 3DB
  • Email address: admin@bethezra.org