300 mile cycle ride.


28th 29th 30th September 2018.


John Glover, Ed Coverley, Rupert Kitchen, Pip Algar & Greg Allgood.


To raise funds for an interactive, stimulating device called a Tovertafel. This engaging piece of equipment will help residents in Bethezra, especially
those suffering with dementia, to interact with others in an exciting and meaningful way.

TARGET £5500

How can you support?

Donations can be:

  • Made online at:
  • Direct to Bethezra marked for Tovertafel
  • Given to each of the riders

What is a Tovertafel?

The Tovertafel Original was developed for and with people in the moderate to severe stages of dementia. The interactive games help to break through apathy by stimulating both physical and cognitive activity by encouraging social interaction. Moreover, the Tovertafel creates treasured moments with family members and carers. These games are all about enjoyment and wonder!

The Tovertafel is a little box that can be mounted on the ceiling, for instance above the dining room table of a care home. Inside the box is a high-quality projector, infrared sensors, a speaker and processor that work together to project the games onto the table. Because the colourful objects respond to hand and arm movements, residents get to play with the light itself.